The Hygienic Design Festival 2015, held in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia from 27 to 29 May 2015, at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality - (FTH), was organized by Consulting and Training Centre KEY (EHEDG Macedonian Regional Section headquarter), in cooperation with: European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group - EHEDG International, Global Harmonization Initiative - GHI, Food and Veterinary Agency - FVA and Agency for Promotion of Entrepreneurship of Republic of Macedonia - APERM.

Hygienic Design is becoming increasingly important in conjunction with food safety and product liability. The overall aim of the Hygienic Design Festival 2015 was to present internationally recognized sources of excellence on hygienic engineering and design in order to help identify solutions for potential hygienic hazards in food production. The optimization of cleaning processes and cleanability, material traceability, process integration and guidance how to follow the existing requirements and standards, were in the focus of interest of equipment manufacturers and food producers. These event gathered more than 100 people from 14 countries from all over the world (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia. Albania, Hungary, Sweden, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Denmark, Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia). 

The Programme of the Hygienic Design Festival  2015 was consisted of several events:

1. Exhibition,
2. Conference in Hygienic Engineering and Design & Food Quality and Safety,
3. Commercial presentations,
4. Brokerage events, and
5. Gastronomy events.

The Exhibition was an oportunity for the companies to present their products and services to all Festival participants. This opportunity was utilized by following companies: System Cleaners, Leov Company, Makprogres, Swisslion, and Skovin, and also by Food and Veterinary Agency.  These companies also took the oportunity for comercial presentations in front of the audience.

The Brokerage Event was dedicated to direct contact between Food equipment manufacturers and Food producers. This unique opportunity was used by food producing companies and food equipment manufacturers to exhibit and promote their products and services and make business deals with their potential partners, as well as discuss joint participation in EU projects.

21 selected presentations and 21 posters were presented at the Hygienic Engineering and Design Conference, on the following topics: Equipment & Components, Principles, Materials of construction, Processing equipment hygienic design, Services & utilities, and Education and Training in Hygienic Engineering and Design, and Food Quality and safety with following topics: Process Control, Hazards and Risks, Legislation, Cleaning and Sanitation, Food Analysis, and Education and Training in Food quality and safety.

The Gastronomy event was an oportunity for the participants together with professional cooks to prepare Macedonian food specialties which were served during the lunch break, complemented with selected Macedonian vines.

Several interesting social evens were also organized where participants enjoyed in Macedonian hospitality, national beauties, tradition, and culture.  


“Excellent venue location, arrangements and topics. You managed to attract officials from authorities and national television. Well done. The arrangements for me personally worked out super. Transport to and from airport and hotel accomodation was excellent. Thanks for your hospitality”.

Ludvig Jozefsberg
EHEDG President elect, Sweden

“Dear Vladimir,
It was a great event, and I enjoied the time in Ohrid”

Niels Andersen
Area Sales Manager North Europe at System Cleaners, Denmark

“Dear colleague Kakurinov,
Everything was beautifull. Thank you for your hospitality and openness.
I am looking forward to continue our collaboration.

Samir Kalit
Prof. Dr, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Excellent topics and idea. It is a great experience to have medical doctors, engineers, food producers on the same spot and event. It was eye opening for number of joint interacting topics and interests. Excellent. It was a real pleasure to be one of the participants.

Dzengis Jashar
Acibadem - Sistina Hospital, Skopje, Macedonia

Dear Mr. Vladimir, the Festival was perfectly organized. Thank you also for opportunity to brink my students at this event, so they can hear new things and network with many participants from other fields. Especially was interesting hearing about Hygienic Engineering and Design. I wish you many new successes and for sure I’ll participate at the next Conference you will be organizing.

Rozana Troja
Prof. Dr University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania