Food is the primary and sole source of energy and building block of human body and mind. This simple term in fact is very complex matter which in order to be fully understood have to be revealed scientifically through interdisciplinary approach and should not be compartmentalized in narrow scientific fields. This is the main goal of NUTRICON Conference, to join and reveal the scientific work of Human medicine doctors, Nutritionists, Food technologists and Engineers. Hence the subtitle of the Conference: Food Quality and Safety, Health and Nutrition.

International Conference NUTRICON, organized by the Consulting and Training Centre KEY, took place in the Museum of Macedonian Struggle in Skopje, Macedonia, from 27th to 28th of November 2014. Macedonian Medical Chamber accredited NUTRICON Conference as a part of their continued medical education. This Conference will be annual and the next will take place in November 2015.

These novel idea and initiative gathered more than 100 people from the region: Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Croatia and Albania, as well as from Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Latvia, Turkey, Pakistan, Taiwan etc.

The Goals of this Conference were completely fulfilled:

1. Revealing the work of Human medicine doctors, Nutritionists, Food technologists and Engineers and establishing close connections between them.

2. Creating an unique opportunity for collaboration and exchange of ideas not only among researchers, but also among food producing companies, food equipment manufacturers, etc.

3. Expanding their network and making agreements for future collaboration on projects, studies, exchange programs, etc.


18 selected presentations and 31 posters were presented at the Conference NUTRICON 2014, on the following topics:

1. Food Ingredients, Food Structure, Additives, Supplements, Fortification; 2. Food Production, Engineering, Processing and Sustainability; 3. Food Analysis, Food Microbiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Sensory Sciences; 4. Food Quality and Safety; 5. Microbiological, Chemical, Physical Hazards; 6. Risk analysis (Assessment, Characterization, Management, Communication); 7. Food Biotechnology, Novel Bioproducts, Functional Foods; 8. Consumers (Behavior, Preferences, etc.). 9. Hygienic Engineering and Design; 10. Nutritional Biochemistry (Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins and Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, etc.); 11. Nutritional Physiology (Energy Metabolism, Immune Function, Cognition and Nutrition, Nutrition and Aging, Nutrigenomics, Others); 12. Clinical Health and Nutrition (NCDs/Chronic Diseases, Obesity & Weight Management, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer, Oral diseases, PEM/Malnutrition, etc.); 13. Health and Nutritional Epidemiology (Diet/Nutritional Assessment, Oral health, Malnutrition, Maternal and Child Nutrition, NCDs and Nutrition, Nutrition and Aging, Diet and Lifestyle, etc.); 14. Public Health and Nutrition (Health and Nutrition Policy, Scaling-up Nutrition, Food and Nutrition Security, Health Disparities and Nutrition, Disaster and Nutrition, Others); 15. Public Health, Nutrition, Chronic diseases (Diet in Cancer, Cardiovascular, Neurodegenerative, Oral diseases etc., Prevention and After Treatment); 16. Food Chain Management; 17. International Programmes and Projects and 18. Education, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer.

42 scientific papers were submitted in all of the above mentioned areas. These papers were approved by 38 members of the International Scientific Committee. All full papers will be published in the recognized and world renowned electronic journal - Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design - JHED (, with 35,000 JHED officially registered readers and will be also available in the following databases: CABI Full text repository database, Food Science and Technology - FSTA database and Global health database.

All abstracts submitted for oral and poster presentations, as well as for full papers, were published in the Book of Abstracts, which is also available in CAB Abstract database.

Companies exhibitors as
T-Mobile, Swisslion, Skovin, Makprogres etc, were also present at the Conference NUTRICON 2014, with their products and services, obtaining visibility and good interaction with the participants.

In order to introduce Conference participants with Macedonian country beauties, traditions, history, heritage and hospitality, very interesting social program was organized by Consulting and Training Center KEY (see Conference Photo Gallery).



“Dear Vladimir,
Congratulations to the successful NUTRICON Conference!
I appreciate your warmest hospitality during my visit to Skopje. Regarding the future cooperation and exchange, we can keep in touch and go forward together”.
Chin-Kun Wang
Prof. Dr, Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan

“Dear Vladimir,
We are at home, the way back was very nice, and we came in time without any delay and problems. The time we spent in Skopje and especially with you was really wonderful! Thank you for your hospitality and we are happy we have got new friends - Snezana and you! We are looking coming in Macedonia again!”

Dmitry Kulev,
Prof. Dr
, All-Russia Research Institute for Food Additives, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

“Dear KEY Team,
Thank you for everything. Everything was superb. Will be in touch and I’m sure that we will cooperate in the future”.

Mirjana Gurinovic,
MD.PhD Nutrition, RPHNutr., Centre of Research Excellence in Nutrition and Metabolism, Institute for Medical Research, University of Belgrade, Serbia

“Dear Vladimir,
Your Conference was superb. It was very, very interesting. The organization was at the highest level possible. My congratulations”.

Bobi Avramovski
Kontura, Macedonia

“Dear Prof. Dr Vladimir Kakurinov,
First of all thank you so much for your kind hospitality and the excellent organization of NUTRICON Conference!”

Viktória Szűcs
National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre - Food Science Research Institute, Budapest, Hungary

“Dear Professor,
Everything was excellent. I hope you’ll organize this event for 2015. I’m coming for sure :)”

Gordana Panova
Prof. Dr, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University Goce Delcev, Macedonia

Dear Professor Kakurinov,

I had a splendid times at the Conference. I was so pleased that you made possible for me to be a part of this beautiful event where I had very informative and relaxed 2 days. I told to everybody on at my work that I had excellent times at NUTRICON 2014. Thank you for everything.

Snezana Ivic Kolevska

MD, PhD, Institute of Public Health of Republic of Macedonia, Macedonia

“Dear Snezana,

I learned so much what is happening in other food related areas. Everything was so nice and beautifully organized. New friends, expanding network and exchange of experiences. For sure I’m coming next year”.

Irena Milevska

Child, social and health welfare - Municipality Karposh, Macedonia

Dear Professor Kakurinov,

Organization of the Conference was excellent. All students from our Faculty that were present and actively participated at the Conference very happy, and more than happy with you and KEY as organizers.

Valentina Pavlova

Prof. Dr, Technological-Technical Faculty - Veles, Macedonia

“It was an amazing experience to be a participant of your Conference. It was a valuable blend of food scientists and health professionals. It was very well organized event and a great opportunity for networking with each other’s. Thanks a lot for your very generous hospitality”. 

Shinawar Waseem Ali

Prof. Dr, University of the Punjab, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Pakistan