1st Black Sea Association of Food Science and Technology (B-FoST) Congress

1st Black Sea Association of Food science and Technology - B-FoST Congress took place in Ohrid, Macedonia, from 22 to 24 September 2016. Host of this Congress was Consulting and Training Centre KEY from Macedonia. This biennial Congress is gathering the representatives of universities and research institutes, but also food producers and distributors, to promote research, development, innovation and education within food science and technology.

This Congress is organized in cooperation with: European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI), European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST), European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS), and ISEKI Food Association (IFA).

B-FoST Congress gives a unique opportunity for food scientists, researchers, technologists, producers and nutritionists, young scientists and students for presentation of results and findings of their own work, exchange information on new processes. B-FoST Congress will be focused on latest progress in fundamental and applied food science, research and development, innovative technology, food ingredients, novel trends in nutrition and health, food and machinery and equipment engineering, food safety and quality, and food and feed market.

For this Congress were selected cutting edge 41 presentations, 43 posters and 51 full papers which covered following 22 huge food areas: Food Ingredients, Food Structure; 2. Food Production, Engineering, Processing and Sustainability; 3. Food Analysis, Food Microbiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Sensory Science; 4. Food Quality, Safety, Security and Traceability; 5. Emerging Pathogens; 6. Hygienic Engineering and Design; 7. Contaminants in the Food Chain; 8. Packaging and Shelf Life, Product Design; 9. Food Refrigeration and Cold Chain; 10. Food Biotechnology and Novel Bioproducts, IT Technology; 11. Consumers (Behavior, Preferences, etc.); 12. Health (Public and Clinical Health nutrition related - NCDs/Chronic Diseases, Obesity & Weight Management, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer, PEM/Malnutrition, Maternal and Child Nutrition, Diet in Cancer, Cardiovascular, Neurodegenerative  diseases etc., Prevention by Nutrition and After Treatment Nutrition, etc.); 13. Nutrition (Energy Metabolism, Immune Function, Cognition and Nutrition, Nutrition and Aging, Nutrigenomics, Labeling and Health claims; Malnutrition; Anti-aging Nutrition; Nutrition for collectivities (Mass catering) and Special needs groups (Sports, Vegan, Religious, etc.); 14. Dietetic food and Dietetic supplements; 15. Eco-biotechnologies and Minimal Processing in Food Industry; 16. Gastronomy and Sanogeneous Food; 17. Traditional and Ethnic Food; 18. Food and Feed Chain Management, Economics, Marketing, Management, etc.; 19. Advanced Valorization of Waste and By-products from Agro-food area; 20. Functional Foods and Bio-active Food Supplements; 21. Education, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer and

22. Harmonization of Food Legislation.

This scope provided multidisciplinary forum in all fields of food science and technology, where 200 participants from 36 countries worldwide exchanged their experiences, new developments and innovations in this area.

Congress abstracts were published in Book of Abstracts and CAB Abstracts database, posters (were published in Book of Abstracts in the form of Abstracts, and the full papers were published in the Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design - JHED, and in the following databases: SCOPUS, CABI Full text repository database, Food Science and Technology database, German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB), University Library of Hanover and Global Health database.

Also B-FoST
awarded the best 3 Congress posters. Award is 3 free registration fees for the next B-FoST Congress that will take place in Yerevan, Armenia in 2018.

The Congress was excellent platform for networking and meetings, where
: Scientific, Research Institutions and Companies representatives had opportunity in tête-à-tête meetings established: Academia-Industry partnership, new consortia’s’ for application to EU programs like: HORIZON 2020, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci etc.

Consulting and Training Center KEY organized special social program, where all participants had an opportunity to get familiar with Macedonian country beauties, traditions, heritage and Macedonian hospitality (see B-FoST Photo Gallery).


“Dear Prof. Dr Vladimir Kakurinov,
Thank you very much for the excellent organization of the B-FoST Congress, a warm welcome and friendliness from all delegates. Because of the Congress, I made friends with many colleagues, expanded information on the subject of research, has received an indelible impression on the scientific atmosphere and the natural beauties of Ohrid.

I will always remember this Congress”.

Lidia Stoyanova
Prof. Dr, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

“Dear Prof. Kakurinov,
Thank you for making our stay in Macedonia pleasant, for the opportunity to meet new researchers, make new friends, and learning/hearing new things from the field.

We learnt many things by participating to the HACCP course. I knew that it was going to be interesting as I remembered the presentation that you had at the NEEFood Congress last year”.

Laura Mihai
National Research & Development Institute for Food Bioresources (IBA) Bucharest, Romania

“Dear Vladimir and Snezana,
Despite the long travel and short nights (my flight had a 3 hrs delay :-( ), I really enjoyed being at the congress and help in the EHEDG training.

Perfect organization and good atmosphere. Congratulations. Looking forward to meeting again soon”.

Hein Timmerman
Global Sector Specialist Dairy - Food Care

“Dear Prof. Dr Kakurinov
Please save my address to some of the following events that you organize a concerning food safety or food production. I'd like to attend”.

Jelena Milic
Food Safety specialist, West Balkans, PepsiCo, Inc.

“Dear Vladimir,
I just arrived home after spending some days in Sankt Petersburg, after Ohrid.

I want to thank you very much for your hospitality and congratulation for a very successful B-FoST Congress organizing. Please receive also from Romanian colleagues the same feedback and the best wishes. We keep in touch”.

Liviu Gaceu
Prof. Dr, University of Transilvania, Brasov, Romania

“Dear Prof. Vladimir,
As before, I had really good time at the scientific, friendly and very welcome events organized by you.   It is a great opportunity to talk, learn, ask and be asked. It is a pleasure to be a part of this kind of events.

With hope for a future collaboration”. 

Biljana Curcic
Clinical Hospital Acibadem Sistina, Skopje, Macedonia

“Respected organizers,
Thank you for a well-organized Congress and the excellent company”.

Pavao Ivic
University of Applied Sciences Baltazar Zaprešić, Biograd na Moru, Croatia

“Dear Vladimir,
Thanks again and congratulations on the excellent organization of the congress in the beautiful Ohrid and the opportunity to orally present the results of the project TRAFOON and Chair gastronomy and Traditional food session. I'm glad I came and had a wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues and hear interesting presentations”.

Mirjana Pesic
Prof. Dr, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

“Dear Snezana and Vladimir,
First of all in thank you very much in mine and my wife name for the excellent organization of the whole Congress events, as well as for your traditionally warm reception. It's was really very beautiful”.

Miomir Niksic
Prof. Dr, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

“Dear Vladimir,
It was a really nice and interesting Congress, and at a wonderful location too”.

Michael Murkovic
Prof. Dr, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria

“Dear Prof. Dr Kakurinov,
It was an honor and beautiful experience one to be a part of B-FoST Congress. Huge gratitude to you and Ms. Snezana”.

Meri Žaja
University Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia

“Respected Prof. Dr Kakurinov,
Thank you for the warm hospitality. Congress was very well organized, thanks to the contacts and acquaintances.

I look forward to meet you in the future, and I hope for our future cooperation”.

Dragan Vujadinovic
Prof. Dr, University of East Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 

“Dear Prof Dr Vladimir,
Thank you very much for your hospitality and the organization of B-Fost Congress. The social program was also fabulous. I had great time in Ohrid.

I also expanded my network and have had new friends. Thank you for your kind wishes. Hope to see you again”.

Birsen Bulut Solak
Assist. Prof. Dr, University of Selcuk, Konya, Turkey

“Dear Prof. Dr Kakurinov,
Congratulation for a very successful event. Good organization, nice people”.

Adriana Birca
Prof. Dr, George Baritiu University of Brashov, Brashov, Romania

“Dear Prof. Kakurinov,
Thank you very much for everything. Indeed we spent great time in Ohrid. I want to thank you and the staff that made possible the organization of this Congress, and for the friendly atmosphere as well”.

Edlira Shahinasi
MSc., Tirana Agricultural University, Tirana,  Albania