Conference in Food Quality & Safety and Hygienic Engineering & Design 2013 - Macedonia

Consulting and Training Center KEY organized the Conference on Food Quality and Safety and Hygienic Engineering and Design 2013 - Macedonia. The Conference took place in Hotel Continental in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, from 19 to 20 September 2013.

The Conference was attended by more than 150 people from all over the world. Goals of this Conference were: making close connections between experts and companies, creation of a unique opportunity for collaboration and exchange of ideas among researchers, executives, decision-makers and experts coming from food producing companies, food equipment manufacturers, that engineering services companies and quality managers that are responsible for quality control and food safety.

At the Conference were present representatives from domestic and international renowned companies dealing with food production and food industry equipment manufacturing, Government institutions related to food (Agencies, Directorates, Inspectorates etc.), academic and research organizations, and international associations as: European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group - EHEDG, Global Harmonization Initiative - GHI etc.

two parallel sessions on 19 and 20 September 2013, eminent representatives of higher education and research institutions and experts from companies around the world presented 42 practically oriented
scientific papers in the following areas: 1. Quality and food safety; 2 Hygienic Engineering and Design and 3. Food Technology. These papers were approved by 21 members of the international scientific committee, already published in the recognizable world electronic journal - Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design - JHED (

Also, at the Conference were organized 2 special plenary sessions. Food safety plenary session was   dedicated to the recent Food safety incidents (aflatoxins in milk and dairy products, meat products, shelf life declarations etc.)
in the region. On this session were present and involved in discussions representatives from Macedonian State Agricultural Inspectorate and Phytosanitary Directorate, Croatian Food Agency etc. At the Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI) plenary session, GHI presented their organization, goals, work that has been done and future activities in the field of harmonization of legislation on food safety and security worldwide. One of the topics was  involvement of young people in food safety training. Both sessions were filled with lively discussions between the participants.

The Conference had and Exibition Area were companies and organizations were able to present their products and services. Among the exhibitors were: ACO technologies, Macedonian Chamber of Commerce, Municipality Karposh, City of Skopje etc. Exhibitioners were very much satisfied with the results of their presence at the Conference.


Consulting and Training Center KEY organized very interesting social program, where all participants had an opportunity to get familiar with the city of Skopje and Macedonian cuisine and vines (see Conference Photo Gallery)




”Dear Professor Dr Kakurinov,
It was a pleasure meeting you again at what I expect has been a wholly successful event - it was for us as a sponsor”.

Martin Fairley
Research Director, ACO Technologies plc, United Kingdom.

”Dear KEY team,

Thanks for everything that you have done. The Conference was great”.
Fatma Coskun
MSci., Ege University, Turkey

”Dear Prof. Dr Kakurinov,
It was out pleasure to be a part of the Conference. Thank you for the photos where it can be seen that we have really enjoyable Gala dinner (I didn’t dance since high school…it is obvious that Macedonia have some kind of special air
Andrea Gross-Bošković

 Croatian Food Agency, Croatia

”Dear Snezana and Vladimir,
I indeed had a good time in Macedonia. Thanks again for all the nice impressions and the well-organized conference. And thanks also for the social events like the dinners. Really enjoyed it”.

Roger Scheffler

Food Safety Specialist, Intralox L.L.C, The Netherlands

”My dear friends,
It is my special honor and pleasure to be present at this excellent organized Conference, starting with selected speakers and Conference as whole. Especial thanks to you, Snezana and all LEY organizing team. Thank you on your hospitality. It was enjoyment to spend my time with you”.

Dr Lazar Turubatovic

Dr, Institute for development of water resources "Jaroslav Černi", Belgrade, Serbia

”Dear Vladimir,
Thank you again for your hospitality and the excellent organization of the conference in Skopje last week! I had a nice time and a lot of interesting talks”.
Susanne Braun

Managing Director, Life Science Center, University of Hohenheim, Germany

”Dear Dr. Vladimir, Dear Ms Snezana,
Thanks a lot for your kind support & hospitality during my travel at Macedonia and for your extended support during my visit to Macedonia. We are so honored to have the global platform to present our valued work on the “Hygienic Design of Pasteurizer…”

Also we could get lot of networking activity during the conference.

We wish that our Journey along with JHED / EHDEG shall continue in future in the form of presenting / Review Papers / Scientific Papers / Technical Sub Group Members etc…

Thanking you once again”.
Subramani Asaithambi
Food Quality and Safety Assurance Chief, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd, India

”Dear organizers,
It was nice being in Skopje and meeting with all those nice colleagues and friends. Thank you once again”.

Kamile Nazan Turhan,
Prof. Dr,
Izmir University of Economics, Tukey

Dear Prof. Kakurinov,
It was a great pleasure to visit Skopje, meet professionals from different countries and hear a lot of interesting presentations. I'm interested to take part in any event that KEY will prepare in the future. So I'd like to know when is the next event you are organizing, because I don’t want to miss the possibility to take part in it
Brikene Dionizi,

Lecturer, University of Shkoder "Luigj Gurakuqi", Albania.

Dear Professor,
We really had a wonderful time at the Conference and we heard a lots of interesting research presentations. We were especially positively amazed by the city of Skopje. We hope that we will come at the next event you are organizing.

Sanja Milos
Senior expert adviser at Risk Assessment Department,
 Croatian Food Agency, Croatia

”Dear Snezana and Vladimir,  I hope that you are well and did have a time to relax after very successful conference in Skopje. Thank you for all your kind assistance during the Conference”.
Michal Bačkovsky
Business Development Manager,
ACO Technologies plc, Czech Republic