7th Central European Congress on Food (CEFood) 2014 - Macedonia

7th Central European Congress on Food (CEFood) which took place in Ohrid, Macedonia, from 21 to 24 of May 2014 was the latest Congress in the series of regular Central European congresses. Previous CEFood Congresses took place in: Ljubljana, Slovenia (2002), Budapest, Hungary (2004), Sofia, Bulgaria (2006), Cavtat, Croatia (2008), Bratislava, Slovakia (2010) and Novi Sad, Serbia (2012).

Consulting and Training Centre KEY and Macedonia was awarded to be host of the 7th Central European Congress on Food during the 6th CEFood Congress (23-26 May 2012, Novi Sad, Serbia).

This event title was: Food Chain Integration. This title provided multidisciplinary forum in all fields of food science and technology, from primary food producers to consumers, where over 300 participants from 38 countries worldwide exchanged their experiences, new developments and innovations in this area.

Four very informative Congress days offered 86 presentations, 143 posters and 101 full papers which covered following 14 huge food areas: 1. Food Ingredients, Food Structure; 2. Food Production, Engineering, Processing and Sustainability; 3. Food Analysis, Food Microbiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry; 4. Food Quality and Safety; 5. Hygienic Engineering and Design; 6. Packaging and Shelf Life, Product Design; 7. Food Refrigeration and Cold Chain; 8. Food Biotechnology, Novel Bioproducts, Functional Foods; 9. Consumers, Health, Nutrition and Sensory Science; 10. Traditional Food, Food with Appellation of Origin; 11. Food and Feed Chain Management; 12. Feed as Challenges for Food Supplier Chain; 13. International Programs and Projects in Food Science and 14. Education, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer.

Main point of this Congress organizer - KEY, was scientific work of each 7th CEFood Congress active participant (regardless weather oral, poster presentation and/or full paper in question) to be accessible and present in as many Journals and scientific databases as possible. As a result of cooperation and agreements of Consulting and Training Centre KEY publishing with many renounced publishing houses and scientific databases in the world it was decided that: 

1. Abstracts (will be published in Book of Abstracts and CAB Abstracts database)
2. Posters (will be displayed at the Congress and published in Book of Abstracts in the form of Abstracts)
3. Full papers (will be published in the Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design - JHED, Food Packaging and Shelf Life - Elsevier Journal, Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture - Springer Journal, CABI Full text repository database, Food Science and Technology database, International Institute of Refrigeration Fridoc database and Global Health database).

Aside traditional CEFood Congress awards (3 free registration fees for the next CEFood Congres), 7th CEFood Congress organizer - Consulting and Training Center KEY in cooperation with Elsevier and Springer, provided best posters at the Congress to be awarded with these 3 types of awards: 1. Elsevier Awards (money awards); 2. Springer Awards (Springer books vouchers); and 3. KEY Awards (publishing and Congress money awards).

Sponsor companies of the event: ACO Technologies, Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH, Vikan and Skovin winery, presented their latest products and services in the exhibition space. It was an excellent and unique opportunity for them to attract new customers, reaffirm long-term customer relationships and present their most innovative products, equipment, materials and services in the area of food safety production.

The Conference was excellent platform for networking and meetings, especially on ‘Brokerage Events’, where: Scientific, Research Institutions and Companies representatives had opportunity in tête-à-tête meetings established: Business cooperation, Academia-Industry partnership, creation of new consortia’s’ for application to EU programs like: HORIZON 2020, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci etc.

Beside the working part of the Congress, Consulting and Training Center KEY organized special social program, where all participants had an opportunity to get familiar with Macedonian country beauties, traditions, heritage and Macedonian hospitality (see CEFood Photo Gallery and Congress Report). 


“It realy was a pleasure to meet you in Ohrid at the CEFood Congress. Everything was well organized. The Congress was fruitful and nice opportunity to see the most recent results of the scientific investigations of the experts from central and eastern Europe, but as well as the presentations of the experts from EU and other countries and to talk with them personally”.

Ljiljana Trajovic Pavlovic
Dr, Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina, Serbia

 “I’m very grateful that you brought scientific community into Macedonia, and it was a particular honor for me that I was a part of it. It was really amazing.

Vesna Kostic
Dr, Institute of Public Health, Republic of Macedonia

Thank you very much for your warm hospitality during CEFood congress. Both the scientific and social programs were organized at high level. Participation in this congress was very interesting and fruitful for me. I am looking forward to continue our collaboration. Please give my best regards to Snezana. I have enjoyed very much your company.

Nelly Datukashvili
Prof. Dr, Ilia State University, Georgia

I would like to thank you for your hospitality and extraordinarily organized Congress. It was a real pleasure to be one of the participants. I’m looking forward to participate at any Congress, Conference, or related event that you’ll organize in the future and to visit your beautiful country.

Dajana Poleksić
Aleksandrija Company, Čurug, Serbia

Dear Mr. Vladimir, I want to congratulate you on perfectly organized Congress, and I wish you many many new successes in your work. I’ll surely participate at the next Congress you will be organizing.

Ylber Bajraktari
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development of Kosovo, Kosovo

I would like to thank you as I have participated in your Congress and commend excellent organization of the Congress. 

Nataša Mikulec
Dr, University of Zagreb, Croatia

 “In spite of long and exhausting trip, We were returning to Sarajevo happy and fulfilled. We are full with excellent memories. We enjoyed the Congress and Ohrid.

Sanja Orucevic
Prof. Dr, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I would like to thank you for your efforts applied to organize 7th CEFood Congress and for your hospitality.

Vesna Rakic
Prof. Dr, University of Belgrade, Serbia 

I would like to thank you on successful and wonderful Congress organization and to your great hospitality. Thank you for everything.

Suncica Kocic Tanackov
Dr, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

I am really honored and thankful for receiving the Elsevier award. I would also like to thank you for organizing such a fantastic Congress with interesting lectures and unforgettable sightseeing tours. It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity of attending it.


I would like to thank you very much for your warm welcome. I am completely astonished by the beauty of nature of your country as well and have only good memories from this trip.

Ingrid Sumeri

PhD, Competence Centre of Food and Fermentation Technologies Akadeemia, Estonia


Dear Snežana and Vladimir,
We are home again! I would like to thank you for your hospitality during the Congress in Ohrid. For me it has been a wonderful experience to see part of your beautiful country during the excursion by bus to Ohrid and by boat to St. Naum. Also the performance of the Macedonian dancers was very nice and of course the gala evening with the musicians and the many dancers, including you two! All these activities produced a cordial atmosphere and brought many participants together

You organized a great event, with so much enthusiasm and not to forget the professional assistance of your sons. Superb!”. 

Paula Lelieveld

Thank you very much for everything. We enjoyed CEFood Congress and Ohrid very much.

Liisi Blank
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

First of all, congratulations for the wonderful and perfect organization. Now it is time for you and your colleagues to have a rest :) 

Viktória Szűcs
National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre, Hungary

We want to say that it was an honor for us to take part in that Grand Congress and the most important result is our contacts and good relationships between our colleagues that we built at the congress! We appreciate your help, support and good relation to us and we are sending a lot of good words and thanks to you and your family!

Andrey Bratsikhin
Prof. Dr, North-Caucasus Federal University, Russia

“Dear Vladimir,
Firstly let us congratulate you and Snezana for the successful, well organized and wonderful CEFood Congress. Thank you very much for the welcome, which we received .We have enjoyed so much with beautiful city Ohrid and your country Macedonia. We hope to continue to cooperate in the future and we hope also to be involved in any future interactions. Once again accept our greetings to you as well as Snezana, which she had a significant effort in the success of the Congress

Ahmed El-Refai,
Prof. Dr, Mansoura University, Egypt.

All my compliments again for the excellent organisation of the Congress last week. It showed to be a very nice in meeting both of you again. Real friends!

Karel Mager
Quality Management & Industrialisation Specialist, Givaudan, The Netherlands

Once again I would like to thank you for the excellent organization of CEFood Congress and for well spent days in Ohrid.

Djordje Okanović
Dr, Univesity of Novi Sad, Serbia

Let me thank you once more for all your perfect arrangements for the recent CEFood 2014 Congress, which gave me another opportunity to enjoy the wonderful city of Ohrid and to establish new professional contacts.

Kostadin Fikiin
Prof. Dr, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Your guys were perfect organizers of 7th CEFood Congress!!!. The brokerage event was one of the most useful program and the most effective way to really contact each other. Thanks a lot for the opportunity. Hope this event - CEFood will continue and that it will be good as this one.

Erzsébet Némedi

Expedit Nodum Ltd., Budapest, Hungary

Dear Vladimir and Snezana,
Like always, you were great hosts and professionals. And above all a great people and I feel very happy to know you. Keep organizing these great events

Slavica Veskovic Moracanin,

Ph.D, Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology, Belgrade, Serbia


Dear Snezana and Vladimir,
First of all thanks to both of you for your warm welcome and very professional CEFood organization. Now I am at my home, and I’ll need almost one month to reorganize all the information and ideas collected at the Congress

Francesco Ameli,
Buonaidea srl

Again, my congratulations with the organization of the excellent CEFood congress 2014. There were very interesting lectures. I also enjoyed my stay in Macedonia. I think that the mosaics in the Archaeological places "Stobi" (near Gradsko), and "Heraclea Lyncestis (old Bitola) are one of the most well preserved in the Mediterranean. Now, as compared to 2011, I also got the occasion to visit Ohrid in more detail. Thanks again, and greetings to your colleagues and the organization team.

Frank Moerman
EHEDG Belgium

Dear Vladimir and Snezana,
As I told you personally, you were excellent team and the CEFood Congress was a great success. All presentations and posters made this CEFood the Summit of food Congresses. Social events were carefully planned and organized, so the participants after scientific part could enjoy your country in relaxed way. Everything was excellent.  Thank you for giving me opportunity to be a part of this Congress

Lazar Turubatovic
Dr, Institute for development of water resources "Jaroslav Černi", Belgrade, Serbia