3rd International Conference NUTRICON 2016 took place in Skopje, Macedonia from 01st to 02nd December 2016. Dental Chamber of Macedonia accredited NUTRICON 2016.


This annual Conference from 2017 will become Congress and the first NUTRICON Congress will take place in the first week of October 2017. 


This International Conference was organized by the Consulting and Training Centre KEY in cooperation with: European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI) and the Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design (JHED).  


This Conference gathered over 160 professionals from all over the world, working in: Human and Oral Medicine, Nutritionists, Technologists, Biotechnologists and Engineers who are working in issues connected with food area.  


16 selected presentations and 22 posters were presented at the Conference NUTRICON 2016, on the following topics:  

1. Food Ingredients, Food Structure, Additives, Supplements, Fortification; 2. Food Production, Engineering, Processing and Sustainability; 3. Food Analysis, Food Microbiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Sensory and Information Technology Sciences; 4. Food Quality and Safety; 5. Microbiological, Chemical, Physical Hazards; 6. Risk analysis (Assessment, Characterization, Management, Communication); 7. Food Biotechnology, Novel Bio-products, Functional Foods; 8. Consumers (Behavior, Preferences, etc.); 9. Food Chain Management, Marketing, Economy; 10. International Programs and Projects; 11. Education, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer; 12. Hygienic Engineering and Design; 13. Nutritional Biochemistry (Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins and Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, etc.); 14. Nutritional Physiology (Energy Metabolism, Immune Function, Cognition and Nutrition, Nutrition and Aging, Nutrigenomics, Others); 15. Clinical Health and Nutrition (NCDs/Chronic Diseases, Obesity & Weight Management, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer, PEM/Malnutrition, etc.); 16. Health and Nutritional Epidemiology (Diet/Nutritional Assessment, Malnutrition, Maternal and Child Nutrition, NCDs and Nutrition, Nutrition and Aging, Diet and Lifestyle, etc.); 17. Public Health and Nutrition (Health and Nutrition Policy, Scaling-up Nutrition, Food and Nutrition Security, Health Disparities and Nutrition, Disaster and Nutrition, Others); 18. Public health, Nutrition, Chronic diseases (Diet in Cancer, Cardiovascular, Neurodegenerative diseases etc., Prevention by Nutrition and After Treatment Nutrition); 19. Nutritional Education related to Health Issues; 20. Nutritional influences on Cranio-facial development, Oral Cancer and Oral Infectious Diseases; 21. Oral Diseases and Quality of Life (Childhood through to Old Age); 22. Orthodontics and Nutrition & Health; 23. Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and Oral Hygiene; 24. Oral/Dental Health and Nutrition (Mouth and Teeth Diseases); 25. Nutritional Education related to Oral Health Issues; 26. Food labeling and Nutrition& Health claims (national, international and global harmonization); 27. Nutrition Guidelines, Regulations and Legislation (differences and harmonization); 28. Harmonization of Education for Nutritional Health and Training Standards; 29. Malnutrition in particular Micronutrient deficiency (poor or under-nutrition, over-nutrition etc.); 30. Healthy Nutrition (Bio-functional Nutrition); 31. Dietary (therapeutically) Nutrition and Diet Supplements; 32. Anti-aging Nutrition; 33. Nutrition for Collectivities (Mass catering) and Special Needs Groups (Sports, Vegan, Religious, etc.).  

20 submitted scientific papers were approved by 38 members of the International Scientific Committee. All abstracts are published into NUTRCON 2016 Book of Abstracts and in the CAB Abstracts database. Full papers are published in the world renowned open access journal, the Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design - JHED ( and Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture (CBTA) - Springer, and are available in the following databases: SCOPUS, CABI Full text repository database, Food Science and Technology - FSTA database and Global health database.  


This event was announced and followed in many electronic media as: Kanal 5, TV Alfa, MIA, TV 21, etc. 


Whole Conference had very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, allowing people to network and establish new friendship with people from different fields and cultures. (see Conference Photo Gallery).  



“Dear Prof. Dr. Valdimir Kakurinov,

Congratulations for the success of this event! All was splendid and I would like to visit again your lovely country!


I thank you most warmly for all the kindness and hospitality shown to me in Skopje. It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity of meeting many colleagues, talking about their research activity and about other interesting things. So, the event was a valuable venue for me and my colleagues to connect with people in the food area. I think that this event created an atmosphere where creative ideas germinate. Personally, I learned a lot, so I am very happy. I wait for you and your colleagues in Romania, in Brasov at the Food and Tourism Faculty and at the National Institute for Potato Research. Hoping in a future collaboration, let me thank you again.


I wish you all the best in this changing world specially health, good luck at work and personal live! And many success in your activity! ”

Carmen Liliana Badarau
Prof. Dr, National Institute of Research and Development for Potato and Sugar Beet, Brasov, Romania

 “Dear Prof. Dr Kakurinov,

Another beautiful event for me to remember. Thank you very much for everything and for selecting me to be one of the Conference Sessions Co-Chairs.


They are saying that participation at NUTRICON brings luck. Well I’m happy to say that it bought luck to me.
Meri Zaja
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food, Skopje, Macedonia


“Dear Prof. Dr Kakurinov,

I hope you are doing great. NUTRICON 2016 has been an interesting conference for me last week and I am looking forward to learning more about some of the new topics that I have learnt about. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to present my work. I will possibly keep bothering you about contacts in Macedonia in the future.

Ibrahim Gülseren
Prof. Dr, Dept. of Food Engineering, ─░stanbul S. Zaim University, ─░stanbul, Turkey

“Dear Professor Vladimir Kakurinov,

It was our pleasure to participate in NUTRICON 2016 conference in lovely Skopje. Many thanks to all your team! We did enjoy not only well done conference presentations and perfect organisation, but also your country - Macedonia, full of history and at the same time amazingly optimistic and actively oriented to future!
Thank you for organising such event and we wish you Happy New 2017 and good luck with Congress!”

Avo and Virge Karus

Prof. Dr, Institute of veterinary medicine and animal science, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu, Estonia